Lindemans – Oude Gueuze Cuvée René (Lambic) 750ml


Browar : Lindemans

Styl / Style: Lambic

Alkohol / ABV:  5.5%

Opakowanie / Size: butelka 0.75l / bottle 750 ml


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Gueuze Cuvée René is one of the jewels of our brewery. With its golden colour, its sparkle and its beautiful sherry aromas, this is the queen of gueuzes.

This old gueuze is a blend of old and young lambic matured in large oak barrels called foudres. It is then bottled in a beautiful champagne bottle where a second fermentation takes place. After 6 months, the gueuze obtains a golden colour and is slightly carbonated and tart. But kept in a cellar for a few years, it becomes truly exceptional!

The use of a champagne bottle dates back to an uncertain time period when lambic brewers specialised in recovering empty bottles from great restaurants and other establishments where a lot of champagne was consumed. That is why we chose the most noble of bottles to hold our noblest beer.

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